The Role Of An Employment Law Solicitor

Employment law solicitors are legal professionals who specialize in issues relating to the legal rights of employees and their employers. It is important to note that seeking the advice of an employment lawyer wellington solicitor is usually the last resort and only happens when discussions or further consultations have failed.

Employment law solicitors deal with the following legal aspects in the workplace:
Contracts of employment
Employment laws require that worker rights and obligations be outlined in all employment contracts. The contract should include details of what the worker’s normal duties will be, holiday entitlement, wage entitlement and required a notice period.

If there will be disputes over these issues, then an employment law solicitor will be tasked with resolving the matter. Employment law solicitors also draw up contractors for employers so that the staff knows what is expected of them and the repercussions if company regulations are not met.

Staff handbooks
Employers should regularly update staff handbooks as roles, technology, or working practices within the company change. An employment law solicitor is the one to ensure that all staff documentation is legal.

Company policies
All companies need to ensure that all their disability policies are legal and up to date. Discriminating against workers or potential workers accidentally because of a poorly written or out to date policy is a form of discrimination and can be disastrous to the company concerned. An employment law solicitor will help prevent such occurrences.

Health and safety
This is one of the biggest pressures on the modern employer. By law, employers are required to ensure that their staff has a clean and safe environment to work in. If this is not done by the employer, then the employees can sue the company as facilitated by an employment law solicitor.

Employment law solicitors handle discrimination cases. Discrimination may be on the grounds of age, sexual orientation, race or disability. You need to always remember that the law requires that all employees be treated fairly.